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Britt brings it home

I help simplify the lives of busy moms so they can reduce some stress, show up, and be the healthiest version of themselves for their family.  I’m a busy mom myself, and I know the struggles with trying to stay on top of everything – getting healthy meals on the table three times a day (plus snacks!), the never-ending laundry and cleaning, making sure your kids are doing their homework, grocery shopping, budgeting, and all the other things moms do in the home (on top of a job and/or side hustle)!  Here I share tips for organization, productivity, cleaning with toxic-free products, healthy recipes, clean beauty, and more. One way to simplify your life is by following a schedule and breaking all that cleaning up into just a little bit each day.

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Feel free to take a peek around my blog, comment on the posts with any questions or tips you have to share, or email me at brittany@brittbringsithome.com.  I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!

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