According to my Deep Cleaning Schedule for Your Whole House, one of September’s jobs is cleaning & organizing entryways, and it’s now October!  If you follow the schedule strictly, I’m sorry!  I’ve been out of the blogging world for a few weeks now, but am excited to be back in it!

Honestly, following the schedule strictly is not what’s important.  The schedule is a good guide for you to follow to spread the deep cleaning jobs out throughout the year, but you obviously don’t have to do everything in the exact month is says.  As long as it all gets done at some point in the year!

So whenever you’re reading this and are ready to give your entryways some love, here you go!  We’re cleaning & organizing whatever entryways we have.  For mine, it is my foyer (with a coat closet in it) and my mudroom.


The foyer is usually where you greet your guests.  So it’s important to create a welcoming environment. Guests might be a little apprehensive about coming in your house if they see cobwebs in the corners, stuff everywhere, and dirt on the floor.  You want them to feel comfortable and relaxed when they enter your home.

If your foyer is anything like mine, it probably doesn’t have a whole lot of furniture and things that need to be cleaned.  So it shouldn’t take too long!

IMG 2663

And the good news is – if you have been following my schedule – we already cleaned a lot of it already.  Back in January, we dusted the ceiling and cleaned the switch plates, outlets, and vents.  In February we cleaned the light fixtures, walls, baseboards, and other trim.  And in March we cleaned the doors.  If you have not done those things yet, go ahead and start with that.  You can check out those posts to see what I use and how I clean those parts of the house.  If you have already cleaned them this year, check to see if they need to be cleaned ago.

I wiped down the baseboards and the switch plates again.  I just spot cleaned the walls and the door (anyone else have little boys that LOVE to play in the mud and get their handprints on the doors?).

Next, you’ll need to dust the furniture and decor well.  I use a microfiber cloth and my homemade dusting spray.  It’s super easy to make – just white distilled vinegar, water, fractionated coconut oil, and essential oils (I like lemon and cedarwood for this).  I also like Method Daily Wood Cleaner.  You can use my link to check it out at Grove Collaborative and get a 5-piece gift set for FREE with your first purchase.

IMG 4334 1

I dust every week, but when I deep clean a room, I take everything off the furniture and out of the drawers and cabinets to dust it extra well.  So, if you have an entryway table, take everything off, spray with your dusting spray and wipe it down.  Take everything out of the drawers and wipe out the inside.

Then, replace your things.  However, make sure you are only replacing items that are needed, add visual interest, and bring you joy where they are (shoutout to Marie Kondo!).  If it was looking too cluttered before, see what items you can take away to make it look more visually pleasing.  Our entryway table is really just for decoration and for guests to set their purses or keys down on.  When we come home, we enter through the mudroom off our garage.  So that’s where we “dump” our stuff.

IMG 2668 1

Some great things to consider having in your front entryway to make it more welcoming are:

  • a pretty rug at the front door,
  • a table for guests to set their things down on,
  • flowers (or a fake floral arrangement),
  • a family picture,
  • a mirror,
  • a lamp and/or candle,
  • and a coat rack (if you do not have a coat closet by your front door).

Coat Closet

Yeah, my coat closet was in need of some good straightening up.  For some of us, it is really hard hanging coats up all the way! 🙂

So to organize your coat closet, start the same way we did for the entryway table.  Take everything out and give the baseboards a little wipe down.

IMG 4292 1

Then, replace the items neatly.  We just keep mine and my husband’s coats in our coat closet.  Our boys’ coats are in their rooms.  I keep my coats on the left side and my husband’s coats on the right side.

Before I put the coats back in, again I evaluated what coats I wanted to keep and if there were any I could get rid of.  There were a few coats I haven’t worn in years and didn’t see myself wearing again.  So those went in the sell or give away pile.

I like to keep my clothes in color order –  black, gray, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown.  I also like to use just white hangers.  It makes it look cleaner and more orderly.

IMG 4333

We also keep our winter hats and gloves in the coat closet.  We kept all of our family’s winter hats and gloves in (and around!) this one basket.  As you can see, it was not working for us anymore.

So, instead I put only our hats in the basket and got a plastic bin to keep our gloves and mittens in.

Definitely check to make sure all gloves and mittens have their matches.  If they don’t, throw them out.  There’s no reason to have one single glove!  And fold them inside each other to make sure they stay with their matches.

IMG 7093

Then sweep and mop (or vacuum if these areas are carpeted in your house) the floors in your coat closet and foyer.

IMG 4336

If you have anything in the closet that doesn’t need to be there or you don’t use much, see if you can put it somewhere else.  Try to keep free space in the closet for guests to put their coats and other things.  It’s also a great idea to leave a few empty hangers for them to hang their coats up when they come in your house.

IMG 2676


Next, we’re going to clean the mudroom, or your entryway from the garage.  This is the entryway we use the majority of the time and where we drop off our bags when we come home.  It’s also where our doggie sleeps.

To clean the mudroom, I move everything (well just my bench and dog cage) to one side first.  With lots of going in and out and a dog that sheds, sand and hair collect on the baseboards and behind the furniture.  So I wipe down the baseboards with my microfiber cloth and dusting spray really well.  I also take our dog’s bed outside, shake it out well, and wipe down in her cage.

IMG 2655

Then I sweep and mop the floor and return the furniture back to where it was.  I repeat with cleaning the rest of the baseboards and floors.  I also spot clean the walls and the door.

IMG 2647

The mudroom is a great place to hang a calendar to keep track of family events as well as some kind of cork or magnetic board to keep a few pictures, important notes, and your weekly cleaning schedule (which I’ll send you when you sign up for my emails!).

IMG 2629

It’s also a great idea to have hooks for the family to hang their book bags and purses on and a storage bench for a few pairs of shoes.  Here’s one similar to ours.  In our bench, my husband has one bin, I have one, and our two boys share one.  We just keep one or two pairs of shoes each in here that we can throw on real quick to go outside.  It is also nice to have the bench where we can sit down and take our shoes off or put them on.

IMG 2628

This hallway off the mudroom is where we keep some of our boys’ artwork.  I don’t keep every single piece of artwork that they do, but their best ones that they want to save we’ll keep either in their memory boxes in the attic or on this twine clothes-line style display.

I hope this provides some motivation for you to get started cleaning and organizing your entryways and making sure they are welcoming to guests and to your family when you come home.  Let me know how it goes for you and if you have any other tips to share!



How to Create an Organized & Welcoming Entryway
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