Happy fall, ya’ll!  According to my Deep Cleaning Schedule for Your Whole Home, this month we have just have a few jobs:  The master bedroom organization and deep cleaning, master closet organization, and changing the air filters.

If you haven’t been following my deep cleaning schedule, check it out and join in with us!

Master Bedroom Organization

The master bedroom can become neglected, as it’s probably not seen when guests come over.  And you might not spend a lot of time in it, other than sleeping.  Sometimes I get in the habit of changing clothes and just throwing my clothes on the floor instead of putting them away in drawers or the laundry basket.

The master bedroom should be a relaxing haven!  It should be dedicated mostly to sleeping and getting ready.  We should try to avoid watching TV or doing work in the bedroom.  Try to keep it clear of clutter and put things away as you are done with them (note to self).  That way when it’s time to go to bed at night, your room is all ready for you and you are able to relax in it!

1.  Clean Out Dresser Drawers

The first step towards your master bedroom organization is to clean out your dresser drawers.  To do this take everything (yes- everything!) out of the drawers.  

Then, wipe down the inside of the drawers.  I use my homemade dusting spray (safe & effective, with just water, white vinegar, castor oil, and essential oils) and a microfiber cloth.

dusting spray

Once the drawers are clean, it’s time to place your things back in neatly.  However, first decide what items you truly use and want and purge the items you don’t.  Go through each item of clothing.  Try them on if you haven’t worn them in a while.  If it doesn’t fit, is damaged or too worn out to wear anymore, or you just don’t love it anymore, put it in a pile to either throw away, give away, or sell.

I highly recommend not keeping clothes that don’t currently fit, whether you lost or gained weight or inches.  It can be discouraging keeping clothes that are too small, looking at them daily, and longing to fit into them again.  In my experience, by the time the clothes do fit again, they’re out of style.  Just treat yourself with a new outfit when you’re reach your goal size!

Then, organize the clothes before you put them in drawers.  Put them together with similar items.  For me, that’s drawers for:

  • socks,
  • swim suits,
  • undergarments,
  • pajamas and bathing suit cover ups,
  • camis, leggings, and sweat pants
  • jeans,
  • shorts.

sock drawer

I make sure all my socks are folded with their matches, and I arrange them in color order.  I learned this trick from Marie Kondo instead of rolling the socks up with their matches, fold them however many times you need to to fit the height of the drawer.  That way the elastic doesn’t wear out, it looks neater, and it actually takes less space.

leggings drawer

Camis, leggings, and sweatpants are also arranged in color order (which is mostly white, gray, and black).


Make sure they’re all folded neatly.  And try to not to stuff your drawers all the way to the top.  You’re more apt to wear different items of clothing when you can see them.

Once your clothes are arranged neatly in the drawers, have your significant other do the same with their dresser!

2.  Clean Outside of Dressers

Take everything off your dresser top, and dust well with your dusting spray and microfiber cloth, making sure to clean in all the grooves.


Before you replace the items on your dresser, this is a great time to reevaluate your decorations.  If your dresser top is looking clutter, see what you might take away.  Make sure what you have on your dresser serves a purpose, brings you joy, or helps make the room beautiful, like flowers, photos, and candles.  As you replace them, be sure to dust them down.

3.  Clean out Nightstand Drawers

Once again, take everything out, wipe down the inside of the nightstand, and then replace the items you still want and love in an orderly way.

nightstand drawer

Some things I keep in my nightstand are a few books, journals, my Bible, some cards and notes from my boys, my essential oils, and lip chap.

top nightstand drawer

Check out this video for more tips on organizing your master bedroom!

4.  Clean Outside of Nightstands

Take everything off your nightstand, dust it well, and replace your things neatly.  Try not to keep too much on your nightstand.  I know at night, I might have a book, my glasses, and a cup of tea on my nightstand, so I don’t have room for clutter.  But I have some necessities – my essential oil diffuser, lamp, alarm clock – and a few small decorations.


5.  Clean Bed

If you’ve been following along with my schedule you probably already cleaned all the bedding in March, but go ahead and clean the bedding again.  Take all the bedding off – sheets, mattress protector, comforter – and throw it in the wash.

Sprinkle your mattress with some baking soda to remove any odor.  Allow it to sit for a few hours.  Before you put the clean sheets back on the bed, vacuum the baking soda up.

baking soda on bed

Dust the bed frame.  Then when your bedding is washed and dried, make your bed again.

I definitely am for making your bed every morning, soon after you wake up.  It’s a great way to start the day, and one simple thing you can do to feel accomplished in your day.

6.  Clean the Rest of the Room

If you’ve been following my schedule, you’ve already done these jobs back in January and February, but it’s a great idea to go ahead and do them again or at least touch up on them.  Most likely your ceiling fan and baseboards and getting pretty dusty again.

7.  Vacuum the Floors

Lastly, and the part that makes the biggest difference, vacuum the floors well.

Closet Organization

Next, we’re going to to tackle the master bedroom closet.

1.  Clothes

Go through the same process you did for your clothes in your dresser.  I actually take every single piece of clothing out of my closet.  I try it on if I haven’t worn it in a while.  If it’s still in good shape and I know I’ll wear it again, it goes back into my closet.  If it is getting too worn, is out of style, I haven’t worn it in the past year, and I don’t think I’ll wear it again it goes into a pile to throw away, give away, or sell.  This one is always a hard one for me!  Especially when you need clothes for different occasions – school, church, going out, staying at home, etc.  But I always try to pick out at least my 5 least favorite shirts.  I enlist my husband’s help, if I can’t decide.

closet clothes

I place my shirts in 4 categories – sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and long sleeve.  And then in each category and arrange them by color.  My dresses are also in color order.

dresses in closet

I use a 3-drawer plastic organizer like this one for my t-shirts.  I fold them in thirds and stand them up in the drawers so I can see each one.  It was getting a little too stuffed, so I went threw and took out several that I don’t wear anymore.

t shirts

You can watch this video to see how exactly to fold your clothes the KonMari way to make them fit nicely and to be able to see all your shirts easily!

I keep my sweaters in fabric totes on the top shelf in my closet.  I roll them up and stand them up straight, so I can clearly see them all when I am choosing which sweater to wear.


2.  Jewelry

Most of my jewelry I keep in a jewelry box on my dresser, but my necklaces go in my closet.  I screwed a towel rod into the wall to hang my necklaces on.  I love it because it’s sturdy (unlike how I used to store them – on a hanger), I can clearly see each necklace, and my necklaces don’t get tangled up.


3.  Shoes

This is a great time to get rid of any shoes that have holes or are falling apart (ahem-hubby!).  Also put in your pile any shoes that you don’t wear and don’t see yourself wearing in the next year.

shoe rack

Check out more tips for organizing your closet here!

I keep (most) of my shoes on an expandable shoe rack.  I laid some shelf liner on it to keep the shoes from sliding off.

4.  Vacuum

Then, go ahead and vacuum in your closet as well.

That’s it for the master bedroom organization!  Next month, we’ll tackle the other bedrooms in the house.

The last job of the month is to change out the air filters in your house.  Like I recommend here, we don’t get the highest quality air filters.  We get cheaper ones and make sure we change them every 3 months.  They are not as thick as more expensive ones and don’t make the air condition system have to work hard to pull the air through.

To help purify the air, it’s a great idea to have a few air purifying plants in your home.  I just got a got a Golden Pothos and hope to get a few more purifying plants soon!  The carpet is the biggest air filter in your home.  So make sure you are vacuuming often and getting the carpets in your hope cleaned twice a year.

Have fun organizing!  Let me know how it goes and any other tips you have to share!

Master Bedroom Organization

Master Bedroom Organization
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